Aged 16-24 and keen to take
control of your sexual health?

We can help

Here you access information and services which will help you stay healthy and happy.

We can help you with:

eC-Card Scheme

Aged 16-24? Pick up FREE condoms and lube from convenient locations across the county with our discrete and easy-to-use app.

Pregnancy Tests

Think you might be pregnant? Pick up a FREE pregnancy test and receive all the support you need to make sense of the result.


Keen to avoid an unplanned pregnancy? Understand the right choice for you, including oral contraception, condoms or the ‘morning after’ pill.

Self-Test Kits

Think you might have a sexually transmitted infection? Our FREE self-testing kits makes it quick, easy and discrete to find out and access treatment.


Concerned you may be unwell or simply keen to understand the risks? Find out more information about common – and less common – sexually transmitted infections.


Young or old, many people have questions about their sexuality, performance or wellbeing. We’ve advice and services which help you get answers.

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What to expect from us

Becoming sexually active can be an anxious time when you’re a young adult! We’re here to help – not judge – with simple services, friendly advice and a sympathetic ear.

Our expectations of you

We’re here to help and very little shocks us! All we ask is that you’re on-time, honest and respectful, so we can provide all the help you need.

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Other stuff you might find useful:

We are…


We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Very little shocks us!

We believe a friendly hello and a reassuring smile can go a long way to put you at ease and help you access the support you need.


Our clinics and clinicians are confidential and discrete.

Whatever your needs or circumstances, we understand and can help. We never make judgements.

Sexual health services keep separate medical records and will only share information with your GP or other professionals if you agree to it.


The aim of our clinics, doctors, nurses and other staff is to help you maintain good sexual health.

We’ve everything you need to protect yourself and your partners. All you need to do is ask and our friendly team will help however we can.

Calling the Helpline

Friendly | Understanding | Private

Our confidential helpline is delivered by friendly and trained individuals.

Though everyone’s needs are unique, we have experience helping with every possible sexual health issue or challenge.

Whatever you need, we will simply listen carefully, offer you advice and ensure you get the help you need.

Helpline opening hours

Monday to Friday – 8 am to 8 pm (Closed bank holidays)
Saturday – 8 am to 1 pm

Out of hours

Seek advice from NHS 111, contact them by telephone on 111
or visiting NHS 111 Online

Useful Links

Services | Help & Advice

Our Resource Hub

Information | Guides | Advice

Our resource hub is a great place to learn more and get answers.

We’ve an extensive range of downloadable content on contraception, birth control, the law surrounding sex, STIs, treatments and much more.

Call Us

Need to talk? Call our helpline on 0300 003 1212


Clear answers to common questions

Contact a sexual health service for the first time can be a little daunting, so here are some easy answers to many of the questions you may have.

What questions will be asked if I call the helpline?

Our colleague will ask a few simple questions to understand your circumstances and the support you need – so relax and take your time.

Everything is completely confidential. Nothing will be sent to your home address.

What support will I be offered?

We’ll help you access whatever you need.

This may include talking through your situation, giving you advice, helping you access protection or contraception or organising a STI test.

What if I need a test?

We offer discrete and easy STI Test at Home kits for many of the most common infections.

If an alternative test or examination is needed, we’ll help you book in a confidential appointment at a local clinic.

Will I be physically examined?

We will never ask you to expose any part of your body during a video consultation.

If an examination is required, we’ll book an appointment at a clinic where a doctor will make any examination as quick and unobtrusive as possible.

Who is told about my appointments or STI tests?

No one. Your appointment and test results are confidential.

Sexual health services keep separate medical records and will only share information with your GP or other professionals if you agree to it.

How are tests taken?

If a test is required, many can be conducted by yourself at home. Other infections may need a visit to a clinic.

Most require a sample or urine or swab of the infected area. Others may require a blood test. This will all be explained to you before the test is arranged.

What if my test result is positive?

Firstly, please don’t worry, almost all STIs are now treatable.

You’ll be contacted so you can discuss the result and any suggested treatment with a doctor or nurse. In addition to any appropriate medication, you may be offered counselling and other forms of support to help you cope.