Self Test

If you have a suspected STI, our free home testing kits makes it quick, easy and discreet to find out.

How it Works

Order a Test Kit

Go to

Click below to visit and order a STI Test Kit. There’s lots of help and advice too.

Your kit will arrive at the address you give in a plain, letterbox friendly envelope.

It contains everything you need to take a sample and then Freepost it to our lab for testing.

Take the Test

Test will arrive within 2 days with clear instructions

Your test kit will contain clear and simple instructions to help you take a sample.

Depending on your circumstances, you’ll be asked to provide one or more samples of your blood or urine or a swab of your mouth, genitals or anus.

Pop the samples is the discreet return envelope and Freepost them to our lab for testing.

Get Your Results

Results received within 3 days of posting

Tested negative:

Great! It’s likely you do not currently have any STIs but you still need to be careful. Please practise safe sex whenever possible to protect you and your partners.

Tested positive:

Don’t worry! Most STIs can be easily treated. Contact us on 0300 003 1212 and we’ll help arrange the treatment you need.



SH:24 helps provide our 24-hour online triage and STI testing system.

This quick and discreet service makes it easier for people to get tested for most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs).