Empowering Parents and Carers: New Resources for Navigating Conversations on Sexual Health

Essex Sexual Health Service, delivered by Provide Community and commissioned by Essex County Council, proudly announces a new, dedicated section on its website for parents and carers, designed to empower them with the resources and knowledge necessary to engage in meaningful and supportive conversations about sexual health with young people.

The “Parents and Carers” section offers a comprehensive guide to understanding and discussing various aspects of sexual health, relationships, inclusivity and well-being. It provides vital information and practical tips on how to approach sensitive subjects, including gender identity, sexuality, and sexual health education (RSHE), ensuring that conversations are respectful, informed, and age-appropriate.

Sue Luty, Sexual Health System Lead at Essex Sexual Health Service, said: “We understand the challenges that parents and carers face when discussing these sensitive topics with young people. Our goal is to provide a supportive space that not only informs but also empowers them to have open and positive conversations. We believe that educated and confident parents and carers can significantly impact young people’s understanding and respect for sexual health and relationships.”

Parents and carers can explore various resources, including advice on starting difficult conversations, strategies for discussing sexuality and gender, and guidelines on supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The section also highlights the importance of inclusive education in RSHE, helping young people from all backgrounds feel represented and respected.

For further information and to access the resources, visit: Essex Sexual Health Service – Parents and Carers